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Office Furniture Factory Shop

Please note viewing by appointment only as showroom is not always manned.
Please phone Scot Crawford on 06 3570118 or email

Does your office need new furniture, storage space or presentation equipment?
Get a free office measure-up and quote for furniture along with great advice as to which products will best help you maximise your office space.
Be comfortable in your office!
Sitting in a comfortable and supportive chair at your office desk makes all the difference!

Reduce fatigue and occupational strain with ergonomically designed chairs.

You can also colour co-ordinate chairs with your company colours.
Get a new desk or table for your office…
Having the right desk can greatly relieve the strain of working at an unsuitable work- station. A desk that is too small or that doesn’t function well can compromise your staff output.

Choose from our large range (from basic to executive) or get one custom built!
Solutions for your storage & presentation needs…
A messy office is hard to be productive in. Our collection of storage solutions will get you organized in no time.

For your business presentations, we have an array of professional products for effective delivery.