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All our products are backed by their own individual warranty and we can guarantee you will be happy with the service!

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If you still need convincing that you will love our products and service, we can put you in touch with some of the hundreds of satisfied customers from the years we have been in the industry.

Supplying the best office products for each client & their individual needs

Hi, my name is Scot Crawford and I own and run Office Furniture Factory Shop. When you deal with us at OFFS, you will feel the friendly difference.

Because we are a small business, you will deal directly with me and you won’t be harassed by pushy salespeople or get conned into buying things just for the sake of a sale.

It means you get the absolute top service!

Desks galore, chairs and more!

You will be pleased by our comprehensive range of commercial furniture. We can supply you with products to help maximise your office space, keep you and your employees comfortable and improve efficiency...
  • office desks and chairs
  • computer workstations
  • height adjustable desks
  • custom office furniture
  • boardroom tables
  • stackable chairs
  • waiting room seats
You can choose from wood, plastic or metal finishes and a variety of upholstery options.

Our independence means you get the best advice!

You will always get unbiased and honest advice from us as we are not bound to any brands, products or large organisation. Your needs are different from those of anyone else and we make an effort to offer you tailored solutions for your situation.

Complete service makes life easy for you!

Your time is valuable and you can rely on us to lighten your load and get the job done promptly. When you need someone to do the work for you - measure the office, recommend appropriate products, arrange a custom build, deliver and install the final product - leave it to us!