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Office Chairs and Seating

Make your choice from a huge range of seats & chairs for your office

Your seating requirements are likely to be different from other businesses. You can be sure that you will leave with a chair that suits your needs - we have a chair for every application!

Different office chairs for different purposes

For entrances, waiting rooms, board rooms and offices you will find the right chair here.

We understand that you and your employees will often require different seating depending on the nature of their work and their position in the company.

Leave it to us to supply the perfect seating for you and all your employees.

Ergonomic chairs - your comfort is paramount!

If you or your staff sit in a chair for a length of time, you will want one that offers maximum support and comfort.

A sore back or tired arms will reduce the output of the worker and may lead to OOS.

Ergonomically designed chairs are extremely important for those that sit for long periods of time.

Trial a chair in your office for free!

Come and try out our chairs at the warehouse first, then take one you like with you on loan for several days to ensure it is right for you.

If it doesn’t suit, take another one to try again until you find your perfect chair!

Coordinate your office furniture colours!

If you have a company colour scheme that you want incorporated into furniture, we are able to coordinate your colours for you. You can co-ordinate your chairs to match each other regardless of their styles.

There are a variety of chair materials available, including plastic, metal and wood with fabric or leather covering.

Our full service makes it easy for you!

After you contact us, we will make a time to meet you either at the premises or here at our warehouse. We will discuss your requirements with you, make suggestions and show you some options.

You will get told of any specials or deals that we have and we will prepare a free no-obligation quote for you. All orders will be delivered to your premises as soon as possible.