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Office Desks and Tables

Attractive, functional desks & tables for all areas in your workplace!

You and your staff need to be comfortable at work and having a desk that is suited to your needs can help a lot.

A desk should be large enough to accommodate all your papers, frequently used stationery and the computer without being cluttered.

Large range of desks & tables for your office

Your choice will be made easy here at OFFS as we have a huge range of top quality desks and tables for you to choose from.

There are a large number of sizes, styles and finishes available and you will end up with an item that fits your needs and office brilliantly. Our prices are very competitive too!

Have a desk custom designed & built for you!

If you cannot find a desk from our stock range that is perfect for you, we can design a custom desk or office table and outsource to local joiners to have it built.

You can be sure the quality will be very high as we get only the best joiners on the job for you.

Office floor plans to optimise your space

Ideally, desks in your office need to be positioned correctly to best utilise the light and optimise traffic flow in the office. Importantly too, it needs to be ergonomically correct to minimise fatigue.

Along with new desks or tables, we can also help you with any advice on overall office layout to take advantage of the space available – we’ve done it for so long that we really know what we’re talking about!

Our full service makes it simple & stress-free for you!

Because your needs are unique, we will look at your business space and discuss with you exactly what the best solution to your requirements is. If you need a floor plan drawn up in order to maximise your space constraints we can do that for you.

All furniture, whether stock or custom built, will be delivered and can be installed for you, free of charge - another thing we do to make sure the process iseasy and stress-free for you.