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Office Storage & Accessories

Utilise your office space efficiently & maximise your business presentations!

When you look around the office do you get tense and frustrated? Everything needs a place to live otherwise it just lies around cluttering up surfaces. Let us help you save your sanity with our large range of storage solutions...

  • shelving
  • cupboards
  • suspension filing cabinets
  • lockers
  • tambour door units
  • stationery storage
  • and more...
We have the solution for you!

Still can’t find the right one? Go custom made!

If you can't find the perfect solution from our range, you can have storage custom made to fit your office space.

We will design the perfect solution from floor plans and measurements of your workplace.

Awkward and unusual spaces are no problem - we will just come up with a creative solution!

Your custom build will be outsourced to experienced local joiners and will be delivered and installed perfectly upon completion.

Make your presentations really effective!

For your work presentations to be professional, you will want to have the right presentation equipment for the job. You will find everything you need right here at OFFS.

An electronic interactive white board links to your computer for maximum impact. You will also find normal white boards, monitor stands, OHP trolleys, electric projector stands and more!

Organise the rest of the office!

A coat tree is the simplest solution for all those coats and brollies that seem to clutter up any available space; or get your staff their own lockers to securely store their personal belongings.

Pin your office notices onto a Hessian board to make maximum use of the accessible vertical surfaces. Things like filter screens and coffee holders make the office far more organised and much easier to work in. Contact us now to take about our full range of wonderful office accessories!